Upcoming Jember Street Fashion Carnival 2015

For the 14th time the annual World Class Fashion Street Carnival in Jember – East Java, Indonesia is coming up on the 26th through 30th of August 2015. WACI Jember1 The carnival will be featuring Fashion, Art & Craft, Culture, Culinary and Tourism. The event was initially organized based on a world-themed fashion parade of Dynand Fariz, – a renown Indonesian designer and educator -, named as Pekan Mode (Fashion Week) in 2001.
WACI Jember2Later on, in 2002 a Fashion Week was organized in East Java’s Jember City which inspired the creation of Jember Fashion Carnival on January 1, 2003, the founding day of Jember City. Followed by another Jember Fashion Carnival in August 2003, the event became the Annnual Jember International Happenings inviting more participants from all over Indonesia attracting even more and more attentions and interest from international visitors.
WACI Jember15During the event, an International Conference was and will as well be organized from August 27 to 30, 2015 at the Aston Continue reading